Monday, September 28, 2009

Steinbeck and the American Dream

On the first day we discussed Of Mice and Men, I asked you to define "the American Dream."

Now that we've finished Of Mice and Men, I want you to respond to the following, slightly tougher question:

How would Steinbeck define the American Dream? How do you know?

Enjoy! Remember to read and comment on each other's posts.


  1. Steinbeck would define the American Dream as something you are willing to work for to achieve. In his book he shows this throigh his two main characters, Lenny and George. Lenny is constantly reminding George of the Dream and the Dream never leaves either of their minds. The American Dream is something that is badly wanted and Steinbeck shows that it is not easy to achieve. In the book Lenny and George do not reach their version of the American Dream, but its not too often in life that somebody does. Although the American Dream is hardly ever reached, it gives people something to work hard for and dream about.

  2. I definitely agree with Katie about the main part of what Steinbeck believes is the American Dream. I believe that to Steinbeck the American Dream is anything that a person strives for in life to accomplishes and works hard to complete that dream. Different people have different definitions of success and happiness, and Steinbaeck believes that the American Dream is anything that the person wants and strives to accomplish. This is shown in the book, like Katie said, with Lennie and George constantly striving to achieve their individual dream and working constantly to complete it. Steinbeck also shows that it depends on the person with the goal that determines the American dream, like having Lennie and George's dream, Curley's wife's dream, and Crook's dream all separate and individual. All individual dreams but all apart of the American dream.

  3. I think Steinbecks definition of the American dream would be something that you put your mind to and strive for like Austin said. Also it is something you will work hard for and give everything you got. I know this because George and Lennie are always working hard to work for the money to buy the place they are always talking about. Also like austin said they constantly strive and talk about the place there going to go to. Also it depends it on the person like curley's wife or crooks and Candy. It depends on the person also on how much they put it into what there going for. All the individuals in this book all have something they dream about but its all the same being the american dream

  4. I agree with Kaity, Austin and Trent Steinbecks definition of the American dream is whatever you truely want in life. It could be from the simplest of things to a complex dream. I know because in the book both Lennie and George save their money to someday buy that farm they wanted. They didn't waste it in town like all the other guys. A lot of other people in the book have dreams like Candy and Crooks. After they heard Lennie and Georges dream they stated to buy into it and believe that it might actually be possible.

  5. I agree with Kaity and Austin that the American Dream is something that someone works to acheive. Steinbeck demonstrates through several different characters that everyone has things they strive for in their life, and that definitely contributes to the American Dream as a whole. If Lennie or George or Candy or Curley's wife or Crooks didn't have a dream of their own to look forward to then there is no way that the American Dream could be accomplished if no one has a dream of their own that they work hard to acheive. The American Dream is a key part of the book because if George and Lennie had not been so intent on reaching their goal then the story would have been written completely different and it wouldn't have been centered around George and Lennie's dream. Steinbeck shows that to acheive the American Dream one must work hard, just as they would with their own dreams.

  6. I think steinback thinks the american dream is liveing life just being happy not being ritch big huse but being loved and happy.
    I think that the american dream is haveing enough money to get by haveing a loveing family friend good job and just livng life happy because life with money and not being happy is not a good life.