Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Stereotypes and Steinbeck

Think back to the article we read in class today ("The Nazi in the 7th Grade") as well as Chapter 4 in Of Mice and Men. Have a discussion we each other using the blog in which you respond to some or all of the questions below:

•What is a stereotype, and where do stereotypes originate?
•Many people think that we’re all somewhat racist, deep down. Do you agree? Do you think people hold onto their stereotypes?
•All the men on the ranch in Of Mice and Men would be considered “working class” or even “low class.” What stereotypes do they have of Crooks, and why do you think they hold onto their stereotypes of Crooks?

Remember to proofread before you post, and be sure to comment on others' posts. Enjoy!


  1. The literal definition of sterotype is a simplified and standardized conception or image invested with special meaning and held in common by members of a group. In other words sterotypes are how one sees another based on preconcieved notions. Sterotypes orginate from rumors or misconceptions. As far as what some people think about how we all are racist deep down, I believe that isn't true. I think that what we see are differences from our selves, but they aren't necessarily racist thoughts. "There are no second chances with first impressions" It is hard for people in general to get over what the first impression, so sometimes people hold onto their sterotypes. Because all of the men in Of Mice and Men are either "working class" or "low class" they pick on Crooks because he is black and because he is the lowest out of all of them. They hold on to their sterotypes of Crooks because it gives them somethings to feel better about them selves by making him feel lesser than everyone else.

  2. Isn't it just great to post the first thing on a blog??? why? Because I don't have to respond to anybody's stuff until later and people read my stuff too.
    Anyways, a stereotype is inferenced or issued to a certain group or type of people that may not be true for everyone in that group, but is usually issued to the group as a whole due to the past or how they are or look. Stereotypes originate from actions or looks and generate into sometimes worldwide stereotypes.
    I hate to say it, but I think that all of us are truly racist deep deep down ultimately. Not just something inappropriate, but I think the thought of just knowing and thinking that somewhat is different than you and realizing that and either placing above or below your standards happens. It sucks, because for me, I don't want to discriminate or be racist, but if I looked at my life, I hang out with cocasion friends and I don't really have many other types of people that I'm friends with. I don't know why and I'm not saying I like it that way, but it feels like there is this division no matter how non racist you think you or an environment around you are. Now, I do state clearly that everyone is equal in my eyes and no one person is different than another in that sense. I don't look at a different group of people and think, oh, those are the stoners, or the anything they could be labeled as and place me higher or lower, but there is a sense of seperation and knowing where your comfort level is at all times. A perfect example was in the Bronx in New York, a generally black neighborhood. I felt very very nervous and not comfortable at all, I feel it, there is still a seperation to this day, and I wish I and the world were not like that, but it is reality.
    They have a sense of being better and higher than Crooks, why? Because that is the way of the world and the culture at the time this took place where racism was very strong.
    Biggie Smalls

  3. A stereotype is when you judge somebody and classify them in a preconceived group based on your perception of them. I think that this statement is true. I believe that each and every person can be racist at some point in time. I think that this mainly happens because of jealousy and someone might just want to look good in front of their friends, who also think the same way about the person, and it might just make the person feel better about the way he/she looks or acts just because other people think it’s funny to put other people down (if that makes any sense at all). Everyone in “Of Mice and Men” is racist against Crooks just because he’s black. This book was written in a time when the vast majority of people, discriminated against the black race, that’s just how things were, and that’s why I think that they hold onto their stereotypes.

  4. I agree with Nick on what a stereotype is, it is when you judge someone based off of looks. The statement that everyone is racial deep down because we all judge people on how they look. People usually hang out with people who are the same race as them unless they don't have all that many people in that environment. I don't think that people hold on to there stereotypes unless they fit the stereotype. The reason is because if you don't act like the stereotype people will forget their first impression and make a new one. In "Mice and Men" the stereotype that they hold on Crooks is that he is black. They think he is dumb and only good for work and things like that. They do hold on to their stereotypes in the book.

  5. So far, I agree with all of the definitions of stereotype. I would agree that it is a preconceived opinion about someone or a group of people. I think we stereotype because it is kind of an unconscious thing. Like Cody said, we look at people's actions and compare them to a groups and make a stereotype off of that. I like what Devon said about how what we really see are just differences from ourselves and we aren't really racist. I would have to agree with that. I think that people do hold onto their stereotypes because it gives them a sense of security.

  6. I agree with Devon that stereotypes are how one sees another based on preconcieved notions. I believe that stereotypes originate at home and being around other people because many people believe what they are told.

    In Of Mice and Men, everyone has a stereotype of Crooks because he is old, crippled, and has a different color of skin than everyone else. I think they hold their stereotypes of Crooks because once you start to believe something its really hard not to believe in it anymore.

  7. Stereotypes are when a certain group of people are targeted and generalized. I agree that a stereotype is an opinion, even though it is usually not a good thing, most everyone sterotypes even if they don't know they are. I do believe people hold their own sterotypes. For exampl, if you see someone walking down the steet somking you could think that maybe that person is not a nice person. Without knowing it you are stereotyping. They stereotype Crooks as a black man who is not smart and who can't do much. The book was written in a time when black people were not very accepted so everyone on the ranch goes along with the sterotype. A good clue that the author slipped in the book was when he talked about Crooks reading and having so many books show ing that he is smart.

  8. I think that a stereotype is something that originates from older generations. This stereotype is then passed down from generation to generation because most of the times kids belive what there parents want them to belive. A stereotype is in a way a inference about someone like if they were those things or do this then they must do this.

    I think that everyone is somewhat racist because almost all people stereotype in someway in there whole life. If you never stereotyped you would pretty much never think bad about a pearson which is pretty hard not to do.

    There stereotypes against Crookes is that he has to sleep alone in a different place because he is Black. In that setting of time they were very racist and did stereotype against blacks. So they would not let Crooks play cards or even sleep in the same place they did. In a way Lennie is the moderen day pearson because he comes and talks to Crooks not thinking anything of it and ever Crooks think that he is just going to be racist but Lennie never was.

  9. I agree with kothlo, I think we leared sterotype from what the older people told us. Like that little girl couldnt have cared less about what colors people skin was or what thwir names was if her parents didnt tell her that it was "bad" to be that way.
    I dont really think that we are racist deep down. There are people that grew up thinking that it was bad to be differant because of what they where told not really from how they defined it.
    I think that because they are all low on the class chain that they still feel better being higher than one person. So they know that they are not all the way at the bottom.

  10. I think that a steriotype is a certain agreement among a race that is directed for people of another race or gender.

    I believe that everyone deep down inside is at least alittle bit racist no matter if they deni it or not. Everyone has thoughts like that reflecting another race or gender. It's something that you can't change no matter what you do.

    Because Crookes is African American and the book is taking place during the great deppresian which was back during the time when African Americans were being rejected from society with whites. The steriotype is that African Americans are really hard workers and that they steal to. They hold on to those steriotypes because they are surrounded by constant racial slurs from other people and people usually follow what everyone else is doing no matter how much they deni that they dont.

  11. I agree with most of what all of what you guys have said about stereotypes, but I think I would sum up a stereotype as a generalization, like what Katie said. Those stereotypes, as Eric and Kristen said, originate from both family and the culture of the time (similar to Crooks' situation).
    With the racist question i agree with a combination of what Cody, Chase, and Devon said. I think by the technicality of racism not everybody is racist because I think that racism is a form of hate, which is very strong, but i DO agree with the fact that everybody notices and even stereotypes people based on their first impression on the person but I don't think it's fully racism. I think that at times people do hold on to their stereotypes, but I do think that sometimes those stereotypes are broken because of certain situations that happen (like they realize that they are wrong because of someone's example to them).
    I think that the ranchers in "Of Mice and Men" have a negative attitude/stereotype of Crooks because he is black (like many of you have said) and I agree with Cody and Nick in the sense that they hang on to that stereotype that he is lower than them even though they are lower class because of the culture of that time. Black people were automatically looked at like the lowest class and they think Crooks is in that low, "stupid" class.

  12. I agree with Cody and Nick on what their definition of a stereotype is. It is when you base someone of of their looks rather than how they act. It's like the saying "never judge a book by its cover." People stereotype all of the time without even realizing it. Most people, teenagers especially, judge people based on what they look like, not how nice they are. I think stereotypes originate from generation to the next. Whenever you hear someone older say something racial, you may think it sounds cool, so then you say it. Yes, I think everyone is somewhat stereotypical. When someone's different; race, accent, action, then people think they're weird and don't even get to know the person. If you think and listen each day, you will hear many stereotypical comments and many of them are rude and inappropriate. I think some people hold onto their stereotypes because they think they're the only ones that belong and people that are different don't. Hitler was a VERY stereotypical guy and many of his actions and decisions were very wrong to the human race. He thought only one race was needed throughout the world.

    I feel bad for Crooks because many of the characters in OF MICE AND MEN discriminate him, without even getting to know him first. People were very racial towards blacks and wanted nothing to do with them, just because the color of their skin. I find this sad because how would you feel if you were Crooks in this story? You would probably be miserable. When the characters are racial towards Crooks, Crooks becomes upset, so he seems to stereotype them back. Crooks feels unwanted and lonely he just needs someone to talk to, someone to call a friend.

  13. I think that stereotypes are how you think of people by their actions and what Eric Said which was that it originates from older generations in the past.I do agree and disagree because it is not that persons fault because that was the way they were brought up by their parents. The agreeing part is the that what they say may be a very racist comment. I do not know if people hold on to thier stereotypes as they go through life.

    The stereotypes in Of Mice and Men that involves Crooks is that because he is black he will not be as hard of a worker as them and shouldn't be there with all the other guys that are on the farm.

  14. I agree with cody a stereotype is usually issued to a group of people like how they act or dress. Also it usually is most of the group that is stereotyped but not always.
    I have to say that most people are racist deep down you hear people talking about that stuff everyday and especially in a mostly all white school like arapahoe, some people are going to be racist. Like devon said people see someone and make there own stereotype and then see them again but cant really change their minds and hold onto their own stereotypes. The people in mice and men all have a stereotype about crooks because he is black and in that time you were treated unfairly if you were black. Most people just saw that they were black and treated them unfairly, their stereotypes were kinda already chosen for them because thats how it was.

  15. Stereotypes are overgeneralizations of people and their behavior/actions. They are started when people group others together based on something they have in common. Stereotypes are judgements people make, often without really thinking about it.
    I don't think we are all necessarily racist deep down, but I do think everyone is somewhat jugdemental deep down. I think for the most part people hold on to their stereotypes, unless something has been done to completely change their mind about the stereotypically issue.
    The characters in "Of Mice and Men" know that they are working class, but they consider Crooks even lower, because of his ethnicity. Their stereotypically view of Crooks was most likely originated from what the majority of society stereotyped Crooks by at that time. The workers were probably so often looked down upon by the rest of society, that it was easier to look down upon Crooks, since his class was considered even lower than theirs.

  16. -I think that a sterotype is something people characterize us in based on an action or something they thought was funny, which can sometimes be an insult, yes, I agree with Eric that it probably generated from past generations but as we get further and further into time people come up with more "creative" stereotypes that continue to be crueler and crueler towards each other.
    -Yes, I believe we ALL are racist, just not in the same term as skin color or religion. More like what your role in society is and the way you dress, act, or even your sexuality. If you see a person wearing different clothes then you think are cool and you wear you automatically think what the heck are they wearing? But they themselves could be thinking the same thing about you. Americans have become progressively more judgemental of people with the years growing and of what we consider "in style." And people feel that they need to keep with their stereotype and can't be goth one day and preppy the next, some people do this anyways (Molly Beans) but they don't necessarily change every single day, they have one pattern that they at least go to the most.
    -I think they don't treat crooks with much respect mainly because he is an African American. And because he has a crooked back, he is an easy target for abuse. The other men alienate Crooks and continue to treat him unfairly. To them Crooks is basically at the very end of the social scale. They hold on to the stereotype because no matter what happens Crooks skin color cannot change so they will always have someone to do the dirty work.

  17. I agree with nick on what a stereotype is. A stereotype is when you judge somebody and classify them in a preconceived group based on you perception of them. Also, Devon said it right. A stereotype originates from rumors or misconceptions. When one stereotypes another it's like labeling someone into a group when not even knowing who they are and what they are like deep down.

    I agree with this belief. It's very true that everyone, no matter how nice or religious you are, are somewhat racist whether it's calling out someone of another ethnicity while not even knowing what they are like deep down. Another way of being racist is when you have a friend of another ethnicity, and you are joking around and make a racial statement, you don't know if they take it as a joke. Some may take it serious which will cause problems. I don't believe that most people hang on to their stereotypes because when someone stereotypes another and then actually meets them and see what they are really like on the inside, they may change their impression of that person. Also Cody said it. Everyone, no matter what they look like, are equal and should obtain the same amount of freedoms as any other person.

    I think in the book "Of Mice and Men" that all the people are racist against Crooks because as Nick said, this book was written in a time where everyone discriminated the black race, and that's just how things were. Now-a-days it's not like that because people have changed their stereotype on the black race. I think that the people in the book hold on to their stereotype on Crooks because they see him as a lower class worker than they are and so they have someone to pick on which gives them a sense of security.
    And Cody Kotelko, it's Taylor Swift buddy. Biggie Smalls is way outta style.

  18. Stereo types are pepole judgeing other pepole because of there race religon or if there diffrent in anyway.Stereeo types origimate anywere that pepole are diffrnet then others.
    i think everyone is racist deep down but socitey keeps it in.
    yes i think pepole hold on to stereo types cause if we did not there would be no stereo types.
    In the book they keep the stereo types because of how it was back then civil rights were very poor.

  19. I agree with what everyone has said that stereotype is usually passed on from generation to generation.Then the kid's learn from what they hear from there parents.I dont if i beleive that everyone is racist,but usually people can be judgemental by the way a person may act or by the way they dress.But I dont know if people keep racsim deep down.

  20. I also agree with what everyone has said about stereotype. I think that a stereotype is the way you are judged or the image that you have to other people. Stereotypes are started by rumors, gossiping, and judging. Many times people will be given a stereotype based off of where they live, their ethnicity, and their actions. Also, Meg, please dont use my name in a blog.especially when it gives off a negative tone about me. In response to the other question, i do believe that everyone is racist because they make stereotypes. People consider being racist as being a member of the KKK or acting like the girl did in the Nazi in the seventh grade. but even when we stereotype people based off of ethnicity, that is being racist. People make racist judgments accusations all the time, sometimes people dont even realize that they have said that.

  21. I think that a sterotype is a thought you have about a certain type of person without even knowing who they are or what they are like. I agree with almost everyone that people can and are a little deep down inside. In some people you can see their racism more than in others and even if you don't want to be you may be uncontinously. Some people do hold on to their racism and think of holding on as strenght but others can let it go and work hard to change being sterotypical. I agree with Kristen that the men on the ranch are sterotypical of Crooks because he is old, crippled and most of all black. They think of him different and won't let him be in the cabin with all the other ranch workers not because he's old or crippled but because he is black. They hold on to this because they want to feel better about themselves and they want to think that they are better than him.

  22. I agree with everyone that has said that stereotypes are passed down from each generation. I know that when I was little I always listened to what my parents told me, and believed anything they told me. But now looking back on it, I have formed a lot of opinions on my own, so why do people still hold on to stereotypes even when they are old enough to form their own opinions?

  23. Isn't just the best to be one of the last? Why?!?! Because you get to read everybody elses.

    I believe stereotyping is judging someone based on their differences. I think it is natural for everyone to stereotype people, but people can try to reduce how much they do it. Everyone is racist whether they are aware of it or not, it may just be camaflauged. Racism can also be positive where people may not be aware of it in that form. I also agree with Kristen that the men on the ranch are sterotypical of Crooks since he is of a different color.

  24. 1. A stereotype is categorizing a group of people together based upon their characteristics whether it be physical characteristic, or another type.
    2. I do think that we are all somewhat racist/stereotypical deep down. I think that it comes from the need to feel accepted and people think that if they isolate others it will let them be accepted.
    3. On the ranch the men stereotype Crooks as below them all because of his skin color. Even though he does the same amount (or type) or work as the others.

  25. I think that a stereotype is thinking something of someone that looks like something or that they may act a certain way but you know nothing about them. I think that stereotypes could have been originated in rumors.
    I do think that everyone is racist in a way but that they are not trying to be that but theres always that thought that you could be being racist.
    I think that crooks in of mice and men hes looked down upon because hes black but that hes the only person that they believe is lower on the social scale then they are so they take advantage of being able to put him down because they are treated that way by everyone.

  26. A stereotype is a common thought about someone, like race, how old someone is, and so on. stereotypes cause many issues, some are usually true, but most are not, and peoples feelings can get hurt when the stereotype isn't true about them. Stereotypes originate from the actions of one person and if other people look like that person they identify that person with the same trait, EVEN THOUGH THEY DIDN'T DO ANYTHING. Crooks gets picked on by everyone because he's black. this is a good example of how stereotypes are bad.

  27. I think a stereotype is basing people on what they look like, who they hang out with and their beliefs or race ect.
    Stereotypes originated from one person taking offense by something someone said or wrote or something like that.
    Not everyone is racist but were all racial, being racist is being mean to a race, being racial is having a thought about a race not that you hate them but you have an opinion.
    For Crooks, they hold him as basically nothing, its sad he doesnt seem like a bad guy. They hold on to it because he is black and also he does not think of himself as anything more.

  28. ~I think that a stereotype is some sort of a judgment, whether positive or negative that categorizes people based on their outer appearance, race, and or a preconceived notion.
    ~ I truly believe that we are all stereotypical, no matter what we are going to notice differences, whether it is on race, or personality, or social group. I think that no matter what it can't really ever be avoided, we are raised to fear differences, as Americans it's especially sensitive to us because of our history. We don't want to acknowledge that there are differences, in fear of being labeled racist.
    ~I think that they are stereotyping crooks because of his skin color.

  29. A stereotype is a thought/ judgement of a rase. Most stereotypes were created when more then just white and native americans were here. they had africans as slaves because they were different. When they got rights they came up with names for then and other races.

    Yes I think everyone is racest, no one is born likeing everybody. Stereotypes also fall under the catagory of tolorence, if everyone had tolorence for eachother we would be at peace with everyone- and were not.
    I agree with Sean on what he thinks about Crooks