Thursday, August 20, 2009

If You Really Knew Me...

In an effort to get to know each other and trust each other, I'd like you to take a little risk and post five things that you'd like other people in the class to know about you. The quirkier/more unique and personal, the better.Here are my five:

1. I am a terrible sport and throw a fit when I lose--especially when it comes to board and card games.

2. I have a phobia of people throwing up.

3. I like to watch one rerun of "Scrubs" before going to bed because I find it relaxing.

4. Sometimes I'd rather curl up in bed and read a book than go out and socialize. I would have never admitted this in high school because I used to think that it made me a dork. Now I'm automatically a dork because I'm old and a teacher, so I don't really care.

5. I really want to be writer, but I've never submitted anything to publication because I'm afraid of my work being rejected.



    If you really knew me you would know...

    1. That I love to water ski and tube.

    2. I enjoy traveling to new places, and I really want to go to Fiji or Tahiti sometime next summer.

    3. I love to play most sports (not so great at softball of golf)

    4. I have two sets of twins in my family, including me, two of them are seniors (Trevor and Travis) and my twin Tanner.

    5. That I would never go on a cruise because I am afraid that the boat would sink (kind of like the titanic).

  2. 1. I love to play both lacrosse and hockey and almost every other sport there is.

    2. I have had 13 sergeries in my life, 5 were from an infection that came back and the rest were from skiing and hockey.

    3. I have 2 dogs who's names are Abbey and Gretzky (named after the hockey player)

    4. My place I want to live in when I grow up is in the mountains so I can ski every day.

    5. I have been out of the country 2 times and went to Europe and both trips and had fun there.

  3. 1. I play competitive soccer for Storm, and I have played soccer since i was 4 years old.

    2. I have known Emily W since I was 2 years old and we used to be neighbors. I gave her my whole fish aquarium and she killed all of my fish.

    3. I want to travel to every country in Europe, but I haven't even been out of the country.

    4. I am a very funny person when I am hyper

    5. I have a dog named Rudy and a bird named Captain Jack. I live with my mom, dad, younger sister Josie and my older brother Marshall.

  4. 1. I am a competitive ski racer out of Loveland and have been skiing since I was 4.
    I plan on moving to the Aspen Ski Team or attend the Denver University Ski Team

    2. I have been composing songs on the piano since the first grade.

    3. My bestfriend is Devon, I've know her since I was two. I admire her.

    4. I have a younger brother and an older brother and an older sister.

    5. I've traveled to Barbados twice, London, Chile, Mexico, Austria, Germany and all over the U.S
    Next year I plan on going to Canada, Egypt and I am really am begging my mom to send me to Italy!

  5. If you really knew me you would know...

    1. I have an obsession with shoes...I own 38 pairs.

    2. I am a triplet and my sister goes to our school but my brother goes to our rival school.

    3. I am the ultimate "procrastinater", its a miracle that i am getting this assighnment done this early in the day.

    4. My fiends say i have "boy" handwritting.

    5. I love sports! I am involved in Track, Cross Country, Basketball, and summer leauge swim team.

  6. 1. I play baseball at Arapahoe

    2. Every teacher I have ever had tells me I have the worst handwriting they have ever seen.

    3. My dream vacation is in Ireland. ( my friends think it"s stupid)

    4. I have a twin

    5. I'm deathly afraid of spiders

  7. 1.I am a cheerleader at Arapahoe.

    2.I love to snowboard.

    3.I get distracted easily when i am doing school work.

    4.I would love to go to Germany some day because my whole family is from there, Mom and Dads side.

    5.I have four cats and one dog.

  8. 1. My favorite sports to play is soccer. I have been playing soccer since I was 10.

    2. I also like to ride four wheelers.

    3. I love to go tubeing behind a boat.

    4. I was born in Sioux Center, Iowa. I lived there for 11 1/2 years, which is when I moved to Denver.

    5. I do not have any pets. Even though I really want a dog.

  9. 1. I run cross-country and track at Arapahoe, but I definitely prefer cross-country.

    2. I have twin brother, but he goes to Heritage.

    3. The only place I've been to out of North America is Costa Rica, but when I'm older I want to travel the world.

    4. Rock-climbing is pretty much my favorite thing to do. On Saturday, I am going to climb the third flatiron with my older brother.

    5. I have been backpacking since I was 7, my family is pretty much obsessed with that sort of thing.

  10. 1. I have 25 first cousins. They live in Michigan, California, Arizona, Wisconsin, and China.

    2. I want to study abroad when I'm in college and travel the world.

    3. My favorite show is "That '70s show" because it's hilarious and gets me in a good mood.

    4. I love Arapahoe because I was in a Catholic school for 9 long years.

    5. My dream is to Sky Dive somewhere outside of the U.S.

  11. You would know:

    1. I have set foot in 10 different countries one of which is Kenya where I have lived most of my life- about 11 years.

    2. Even though, for my size, I look like I should play football, I love to play soccer, basketbal, and rugby.

    3. I'm a perfectionist in school, and I stress out A LOT over school stuff- I like to do well.

    4. I enjoy going and working at my mom's family's farm in Kansas.

    5. In June I left my "life" along with my amazing friends behind in Kenya not to see them again in a long while.

  12. 1. I love to swim and ski
    2. I was born in Houston, Texas
    3. My dream home would be in the mountains
    4. I have one cat
    5. During the summer i like to go wake boarding

  13. If you really knew me you would know.....

    1.I have two Best Friends who go to Littleton

    2.I joined kickboxing,tae boe yoga over the summer

    3.I have an older brother who goes to our school

    4.Im alittle shy at first

    5.When im older i really want to travel around the world

  14. 1. I love to play basketball and run track.

    2. I had dinner with Jason Elam one time, he is a kicker for the falcons now and was one for the broncos for a long time if you didn't know.

    3. I have two dogs chesney and chauncey which i named him after chauncey billups of course.

    4. I like to wakeboard and snowboard.

    5. I really want to visit Australia

  15. 1. I love playing sports. Softball, soccer, and basketball are my favorites.

    2. I have two brothers and two cats.

    3. I've always wanted to travel the world.

    4. I play the viola and violin and have enjoyed playing both instruments (especially in high school).

    5. I listen to music every time a have a chance.

  16. 1. I have a giant lightning bolt tanned on to my chest from snowboarding.
    2. I get extremely competitive when playing ping pong.
    3. Sometimes i fall asleep standing up in the shower when i wake up in the morning.
    4. I like sleeping when its cold so in the winter i open my window to make my room colder.
    5. For more then half of the summer i am mountain biking, fly fishing and sleeping in a covered wagon.

  17. 1. I love playing hockey and lacrosse
    2. I am from seattle and came out here to play hockey and i am living with my granparents while here.
    3. I have been to almost every state.
    4. i eat a lot of food which never turns into fat because i am always burning it off playing hockey and lacrosse.
    5. I am the youngest in my family. I have two sisters.

  18. 1. I love puppies.
    2. I have glasses but I never wear them.
    3. I am a huge fan of college football.
    4. I am a huge dork when I am with my friends.
    5. I like making other people feel better about themselves.

  19. 1. I wear contacts 24/7, switch them out once a month, and have perfectly healthy eyes.

    2. I've been going to a summer camp every year for 8 years in a row.

    3.I'm going to Kenya, Africa next summer.

    4. I like to snowboard.

    5. I've been on 3 cruises to Alaska, The Bahamas, and Mexico and plan on going on another next summer.

  20. 1. I love to play the guitar! It's kind of like a stress reliever for me.

    2. I like football and everything about it. I plan to play football here next year.

    3. I have two brothers, both are nearly 13 years older than me.

    4. I really like watching movies and discussing movies with friends.

    5. I want to spend a couple months in South America for no real reason except that it would be really cool.

  21. 1. I really enjoy golfing, it's relaxing and somewhat rewarding if you're good at it.

    2. I really dislike country music.

    3. I have a dog.

    4. I went to London last New Years. I had a lot of fun.

    5. I enjoy riding/racing dirt bikes, and about 4 weeks ago, I crashed my bike.

  22. 1. I have 2 brothers and 3 sisters

    2. im not good with technology this alone took me like an hour

    3. im a championship bass fisher

    4. i h8 wen peple tpe lik tis

    5. i golf aton and i suck but who cares

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  26. 1. i was adopted when i was 2 days old, only i look like my mom and have the same birthday so no one believes me.

    2. i suck at math. like really bad.

    3. i have a younger brother that has looked older my whole life and its annoying!

    4. during the summer i dont really eat, i have better things to do

    5. i always stick my nose into other people's problems and try to help, but it doesnt work all the time

  27. 1. I enjoy any sport except soccer.

    2.I play football.

    3.I wrestle.

    4.I am afraid of spiders!

    5.I am not big on reading.

  28. 1. I am a dancer and train about 3 hours everyday. my second home is the dance studio. I honestly care more about dance then school.

    2. I am a sneaker fanatic... i have 32 pairs of just sneakers.... and around 50 pairs of shoes in all.

    3. All week i look forward to going to church!

    4. My goal in life is to open an orphanage in Africa and teach the students about the bible and to live there with them.

    5. I think im funny.... but no one else thinks that. I just laugh a lot randomly. i see humor in almost every situation.

  29. 1. I'm completely addicted to crime shows and scary movies. I watch at least one crime show, most often CSI: New York, everyday or else I can't go to sleep at night and at least one scary movie every couple days.

    2. I collect CDs. Well. My family does. Just by myself, I own around 150, not including mix CDs from friends.

    3. I love to read. Love it, love it, love it!

    4. I like to wear scarves. My mom and I share them and we both wear them like every other day.

    5. I'm probably going to Prague to see my sister compete at Worlds for Ultimate Frisbee next summer.

  30. 1. I play competitive soccer for storm and I have been playing since I was 3. I also play soccer at Arapahoe.

    2. I run track and I went to the junior olympics for it twice.

    3. My biggest fear is whales.

    4. I had flown on an airplane over two dozen times by the time I was 1 and now flying doesn't even phase me.

    5. I can't type fast to save my life.

  31. To Molly: Way to one up me! That is so great that you want to go to Africa and open up a orphanage.

  32. to molly beans hi, i think its cool that you dance and go to church

  33. 1.i like dogs better then cats
    2. my favorite sow on tv is weeds
    3.i love the new York Yankees
    4. i love chocolate
    5.i like music

  34. Comment to Anne: Anne, that is really interesting that you like crime shows and scary movies. I really love scary movies, they are so fun to watch.
    Jake lonborg

  35. MEGHAN R: I am also not so fantastic at math.

  36. CODY Kotelko
    Nice. I play hockey too! and lacrosse!

  37. to Jake mayo how do you have a lighting bolt on your chest

  38. Jakes post was quite riveting and very exciting. i love u man. anthony is awesome cuz he plays lax and hockey. everone elses is fine. thanks everfyone!!! have a safe weekend. love, cody kotelko

  39. To Sean: I like how you're actually a pro bass fisher..

  40. Trent- I think that's so cool that you've had dinner with the Jason Elam! I'm way jealous! As much as I'm not a fan of the Broncos or the Falcons, I love Jason Elam!

    Jake and Maddie- That's cool that you guys both have twins. I wish I had a twin sometimes.

    Austin- You should tell us more about living in Kenya. That seems really interesting.

  41. Kaity
    I enjoyed how we both have a love for shoes!!! I may have taken your idea about telling people about my love for shoes.... haha. i love how you came to school mad at me because of that. Im so glad i one uped you.jk jk :)

  42. Austin thats cool you lived in Kenya. I'm going there next summer for 2 weeks.

    Jake i saw your huge lightning bolt like every day of the summer.

  43. In response to Devon, I did not kill all your fish, I did save one out of the six. I'm very sorry

  44. Cody
    i find your blog very interesting and would like to here more about you sergerys and your dogs i will see u around
    jake mayo

  45. sean, i cant believe your a championship bass fisher i guess thats pretty cool

  46. kaity,

    I think it is funny that you have a triplet brother that goes to Heritage and I have a twin brother that goes to Heritage. I wonder if Jesse knows Nick...
    But anyway, yeah, that's cool.


  47. SEAN: can i have an autograph from a champion bass fisher?!

  48. Dakota, whales why wales and i cant type fast to save my life either!

  49. thanks for commmenting on mine too molly beans. thanks

  50. to nick thanks mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn its pretty cool i haven't gone in a few years i gave it up pretty much

  51. Megan Lamb- You have 25 thats crazy!!! And i would study abroad in a heartbeat, that sounds crazy.

    Kaity Ireland- You have way to many shoes but i love you.

    Sir Mayo- Even if your lightning bolt is on your chest, make sure eyes are on eyes. We are going to have a ping pong fest. No joke.

    Dakota- Your afraid of whales? Haha thats great. But i've been riding planes since i was a couple months old too so i dont mind planes anymore either.

    Beanzie- I love your closet soooo much. I will go to africa with you, i've always wanted to. And molly you are funny sometimes, you just need help

  52. Molly B i danced for 3 years and stopped but i still like to dance!

  53. to dakota, how are whales scary?

  54. In response to Chase O.
    Thats really interesting! I like to play guitar too.

  55. To Trent: That's pretty awesome that you got to have dinner with Jason Elam!

    To Anne: Crime shows are pretty much the best!

  56. Erica: you are such an outdoorsy are so crazy!

  57. Dakota! We played on the same team for Arapahoe and we play for the same club we have SO much in common!

    Molly- I think that its really cool that you want to open an orphanage in Africa. I've always wanted to go to Africa to help out with what ever I can. I also think that im pretty funny and I enjoy all of the little funny situations in life.

  58. Wow Kaity 38 PAIRS of shoes that's Crazy!!! cool Reece i hope you have a lot of fun next summer and go to Junction in nairobi (fun place) or Village Market!! Gosh Meg when you were two days old, wow.

  59. Mr. Mayo- I think I would beat your butt in ping pong! So one day (after homework, duhh) we will play and I will make you cry because I am soooo GOOD :P

    Austin- That is the coolest thing that I have ever heard that you used to live in KENYA! What was it like? We should talk one time about it because I would really like to know just about anything.

    Emily- I think it is so cool how you ski. ha And actualy we are best friends... so yeah. Pre-k was a good time I would say.

  60. To Sean: How many pounds of bass have you caught over your whole career?

  61. 1. Learned how to tie my shoes from the spongebob episode.

    2. My best friend is my sister

    3. I have been dong motoX for five years

    4. I'm a dog person

    5. I LOVE FAMILY GUY!!!!

  62. 1. The relationship between the two people in this painting suggests they are husband and wife, because they look like an older couple running a farm. With the looks on their faces, I think they've been through a long marriage.
    2. I think this painting is called American Gothic because of the farm house behind them, their clothes, and the pitchfork in the man's hand. They symbolize the old days, were people had to work really hard to live. This gives you an image that in those days people had been through a lot. I agree with this painting.